1. My thoughts over social channels

    There’re 3 names on the list for the social channels we’re using currently for our day-to-day routine or business purpose.

    1. Facebook
    2. G+
    3. Twitter

    There’re others as well, but I think these are the main driven streamline for most of the traffic.

    Apparently I’ve found Facebook to be “projection tool” or “go with the crowd” social interaction tool. If most of your friends are in particular domain of interest, say Fashion or cutie stuff, you probably one day will follow that path and make yourself adapting in order to be able to follow those posts and trends.

    One problem is that, it’s not easy to move yourself away from friend-domain you have. Mostly the domain you have won’t suit your career goal, or motivate you that much, it usually drags you away.

    I don’t say that I got bad friends or something, it’s entirely about the content being digested each day that will effect you most whenever you come up and check the news feed for things to eat on. Yeah, maybe full of 9gag, song, song-lyrics, drama story, etc. They’re just usual stuff that un-invitably makes you to read and FEEL. And as such most game developers out there have a Facebook account, but the content to be shared or thought won’t go around that much in this social line, the account seems to be reserved in order to create FB application, managing fan page or streamlined from Twitter, secret group discussion (which is far powerful for immediate effect for discussion).

    I hope those guys think the same or at least in same direction of what I’ve said, and of course I really think it’s right time to focus more on other social channels that have that kind of energy and motivation floating around. Other channels ! Leave that place for group things that have purpose only.

    G+ and Twitter would be great places. G+, if you know guys in game dev area out there, there’re so much of interesting to follow and read along through the discussion over some topics. One particular example of hot topic is about Double Fine got funded in Kickstarter (https://plus.google.com/112017825175832531082/posts/9zTa3nQoGt5). G+ may seem to be quite, but it makes you really follow who you love to. So this filter the garbage news feed in the first place. As well, Notch also uses Twitter a lot, so he will be much more streamlined on that instead of others (I don’t think Notch has Facebook account), and also Notch said on G+ that content on G+ doesn’t attract him much to come back frequently so this could be a reason why he sticks to Twitter mainly (I do believe that who to follows in G+ is really matter, maybe he follows the wrong guys or not enough sample to digest the feed).

    Anyway anything can happen, one day G+ would be more like Facebook or inverse. But I think Twitter will remain their own concept of 144 characters. It’s no RIGHT or WRONG, just use what suits you the most for particular of time, just don’t trust all my text appearing in this post entirely, I warn you :)