1. I decided to adopt MVC approach to implement UI part especially for popup. It turns out very well, and the nice thing is that I can plug in something to listen to its event callback, not to mention about its underlying data.

    Even though, doing it in c++ makes me sweat as I think there’s more files and more lines of code to go up on. Its cleanness will be further shaped up on management of header and class files. As far as I can tell, I’m satisfied with it.


  2. Git commands - 1

    From time to time, my favorite git client like Sourcetree crashes, or hangs. I bet it’s because of lots of files being processed. Lately I turned into git command again. So it’s a good idea for me to keep track in blogging out some useful git commands discovered along the way of doing the project.

    1. Add all files into index

    git add -A

    2. Adding git commit’s multiple line message

    git commit -m ‘First line
    >Second line
    >Third line’

    (end the lines with single quote ‘)

    3. When we need to force update by ignoring non-fast-forward check. Thus this wipe out history in tree. ie. we amend commit, then do a push, thus a problem occurs.

    git push origin +master

    (prefix branch with +)


    The multiple lines commit in no.2 seems to have a problem when I tried to include symbol such as parenthesis, and sometimes it’s error. So use double quote instead. It works.


  3. It’s long time since I’ve updated something about Zombie Hero. And yes, it’s still alive. This time is for Double Team!


  4. another part


  5. A little test on iPad 2.