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  2. Customization On-The-Fly

    A quick update here for Zombie Hero, a game that seems like forever for me to make :P

    I wonder to myself why I didn’t implement this feature from the very early stage of the development. A feature to have an ability to customize the game setting ie. enemies’ stats, enemy types, wave-by-wave setting, and miscellaneous on the fly. Of course, it’s easy for internal team or testers to make a config themselves.


    I remember in that time I thought it would be a time consuming but after the pressure coming from tight schedule and a need in such ability to test the stages away flexibly in parallel with development thus I have to do it. Surprisingly, with a clear thought and plan, it took shorter time than I initially expected. It took me 2 days (I’m a slow programmer) to complete it with minimum features needed.

    I’m more satisfied with it compared to hard-coded way before.

    As usual, the game starts off by downloading the configuration file from server. It will use the data loading from the configuration file throughout the game life cycle. If there’s no Internet connection at that time, or any problem occurs, then it will fall back to use the default (stable tested) one. But the proper way is to have it saves to a file again after downloading, then the next time if there’s no Internet connection or problem occurs that one is the setting allowing for it to fall back to instead of the default one.


  3. This chapter strikes me the most.
    Forgive yourself and others.

    excerpted from Tuesdays With Morrie


  4. The Benefit of Staying to Something Long Enough

    I’ve been working on the game in the coffee shop for quite some times by now. I usually stay there overnight.

    From time to time, I heard staffs talking to each other. They talked about various things including a 2nd job they’re currently doing in parallel to earn more money, gossiping their own friends, blaming their friends for not-so-efficient behavior in the workplace, and coffee stuff in preparation. Suddenly in the middle of nowhere, the past night, I heard them talking about the performance the shop did in a day.

    They said the shop sold 38 cups of coffee, no cake sold that day. If there’re no more hidden revenue from selling other stuff (which less likely), then this might be used as a (somewhat not-so-solid but okay) reference point. The shop operates in 24 hours manner. TV, and all dim lights are turned on all the time. Customers can come in and plug their electronic devices like laptop, or phones with no additional cost.

    Average price of coffee for all type is around 80-90 Baht. So a simple calculation would yield 85 (avg) * 38 = 3,230 Baht. That day was reasonably crowd at night til mid-night. I guess it was an acceptable performance.

    If continue like this, the shop would make nearly ~100,000 Baht per month at the bare minimum! This is a total raw cash without deduction in expense just yet. By the way, the location of the shop is good enough that people would like to come in in every day.

    Interesting to think more further …


  5. 7 Day Startup

    Yesterday night, I’ve been suggested by my senior friend @nonth about a free entrepreneurship book namely 7 Day Startup by Dan Norris. It’s free only this week, so grab it before you come back and continue reading below.

    DISCLAIMER: I have no commission or whatsoever. Pure sharing intention to fellow game developers here.

    I’ve finished 64% so far. Although the book is about entrepreneurship or more about software and web application development rather than game application itself, but there’s a couple of things I think we can make great use of it.

    1. Gravitating Towards Launch Date
      According to some limitations and conditions on author’s side, he has to make it and launch the product with the hope to get revenue off the ground in very short amount of time.

      Thus his explanation pushes us towards the ready-to-offer product. Make thing with an end in mind. Hand and offer to customer at the end.

      Surely I love this point as from time to time I usually don’t have that much solid faith that I have to push this product to an end handing to users (customers). I spend time doing things til the end without bound. That’s bad!

    2. Focusing On What’s Only Necessary
      With the mindset from no.1, you will do only what’s necessary to your product. You will skip the processes or features that don’t add up value to the product at the end. Only after we iterate, things which are necessary will be added.

    I think I will finish this book in a day or two from now.