1. The Habit of Branching out and Merging In

    Recently, I really go deep down into the habit of branching and merging. Let’s see what does it mean.

    Most of the time, I and usually we often face with the scary features that need to be implemented but often time that the energy to tackle it is not enough. I might be scary about modifying the code at the moment as it’s fine and there’s no need to change even if I use version control ie. git almost all the time for every project.

    I think if we can separate the play-ground from the stable codebase that we have a little slightly more. We usually have a brave energy to tackle and start coding right away even our solution in our head right now is not that 100%.

    So whenever I have to tackle a new feature. I will branch out. I then develop that feature without fear (the reason above). I commit and push the code. Then I go back to master branch, and merge┬áthis feature back again. After all these are done, I remove newly created branch to remind myself that it’s accomplish!

    [scenario goes below]

    git branch new_feature
    git checkout new_feature
    …<time pass while develop>…
    …<commit and push>…
    git checkout master
    git merge new_feature
    git branch -d new_feature

    Happy coding guys!


  2. This week I wrote about Love.


  3. Found another 24 hours place to work and do my stuff. Through the night as usual.


  4. I published another article on Medium. It’s about self improvement on sticking to what we’ve planned out in a day. It serves as a purpose to fight with passion drain that plagues me via the long development period project.

    Let me know what you think.


  5. I decided to adopt MVC approach to implement UI part especially for popup. It turns out very well, and the nice thing is that I can plug in something to listen to its event callback, not to mention about its underlying data.

    Even though, doing it in c++ makes me sweat as I think there’s more files and more lines of code to go up on. Its cleanness will be further shaped up on management of header and class files. As far as I can tell, I’m satisfied with it.