1. This week I wrote about Love.


  2. Found another 24 hours place to work and do my stuff. Through the night as usual.


  3. I published another article on Medium. It’s about self improvement on sticking to what we’ve planned out in a day. It serves as a purpose to fight with passion drain that plagues me via the long development period project.

    Let me know what you think.


  4. I decided to adopt MVC approach to implement UI part especially for popup. It turns out very well, and the nice thing is that I can plug in something to listen to its event callback, not to mention about its underlying data.

    Even though, doing it in c++ makes me sweat as I think there’s more files and more lines of code to go up on. Its cleanness will be further shaped up on management of header and class files. As far as I can tell, I’m satisfied with it.


  5. Git commands - 1

    From time to time, my favorite git client like Sourcetree crashes, or hangs. I bet it’s because of lots of files being processed. Lately I turned into git command again. So it’s a good idea for me to keep track in blogging out some useful git commands discovered along the way of doing the project.

    1. Add all files into index

    git add -A

    2. Adding git commit’s multiple line message

    git commit -m ‘First line
    >Second line
    >Third line’

    (end the lines with single quote ‘)

    3. When we need to force update by ignoring non-fast-forward check. Thus this wipe out history in tree. ie. we amend commit, then do a push, thus a problem occurs.

    git push origin +master

    (prefix branch with +)


    The multiple lines commit in no.2 seems to have a problem when I tried to include symbol such as parenthesis, and sometimes it’s error. So use double quote instead. It works.